Cock Board / Cock Box / Cock Table

We have been asked so many times how we made the cock box. Now here's Rob's explanation how he made his cock board.

IMPORTANT!  This is only an example how Rob built his own cock table. This is no construction manual! We don't issue any guarantee! If you rebuild it according to this explanation and use it, you do it on your own risk and you should be aware of all the serious injuries that can happen!

I'm using a very stable wooden board with a thickness of 0.5". It is laminated on top to make it easier to clean and I cut it to 30x25". It is screwed on 4 wooden pillars of exactly the same hight. In my case it's 8.5" because that's exactly the height of my breast when I'm lying on my back. The hole is more or less in the center of the board and is oval. From the left to the right the diameter is 2.0" and from the front to the back the diameter is 1.8". That's exactly the size of the root of my erect cock. The edges of the hole have been made round with a round file and there are no sharp points at all.

When I lay down under the board I place a little cushion under my bottom to lift my pelvis right under the board. Now I push my cock through the hole. To move my balls through the hole I need the assistance of Mistress. She steps on the board to apply counterpressure while I press my balls with my hands from below one by one through the hole. Because the hole is so tight, this is only possible as long as my cock is not erect, and sometimes it takes a few minutes until both balls are through the hole. If the hole was wider, my balls would pop back through the hole as soon as Mistress applied pressure on them. That means as well that I cannot get out of the hole as long as my cock is erect!