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trampling stella Stella

Hello, I'm Stella, I'm, 5.4 ft / 1.65 m tall and my weight is 120 lbs / 55 kg. My shoe size is EU 37 and I have a huge collection of high heels, boots sneakers and other shoes at home.

I love trampling my slaves cock and balls with my bare feet or in hot shoes. It's absolutely exciting for me, hearing him groan while I's standing with my full weight on his manhood, feeling my soles digging into his flesh while I'm marching, dancing whipping or even jumping on him.

I met Rob in a bar and he gave me a hint that he would like me trampling him. I couldn't imagine that this could attract anybody and especially not that it could satisfy anybody's sexual desire but he made me curious. I informed myself in different boards dealing with trampling, and I got more and more interested. But what really captivated me was everything about cock trampling, ball trampling and CBT. I've always loved crushing things under my high heels, but a cock or balls?

One day I was in that mood. I wanted to try it and I called Rob. I was very excited but I didn't want him to notice. So I decided to be absolutely dominant from the beginning. He did everything to arrange our date that made me feel very comfortable in my role. Quickly I found out that I really enjoy dominating him. I had so much fun during our first session as I never had expected bevore. Within minutes I lost my wariness and just wanted to feel his cock under my shoes and hear him groan.

For three years he was my slave and served to satisfy my lust dominating men and to try out my equipment on him. I loved to tantalize him and slowly increase intensity, making him feel more and more my weight, surprising him with hard kicks on cock and balls, jumping on his manhood and let him cum while I'm flattening him under my whole weight.

But my plans in live have changed completely. In January 2011 I got a baby and thus I stopped making videos. I want to say thank you for all your warm words, wonderful emails, compliments, criticism and for buying so many videos from me. I feel a bit sad, writing these words. I made so many wonderful experiences. But now the time has come to address myself to this new task.

I handed my slave to Alina who performs an incredible cock and ball trampling with her very own and special interpretation. I made many videos in advance that will be published during the following years. I tried to fulfill as many requests as possible but I couldn't realize all of them - sorry for those I had to let down.

I wish you all the best, take care of yourself!


crushing alina Alina

I'm Alina, 5.9 ft / 1.80 m tall and my weight is 145 lbs / 66 kg. My Shoe Size is EU 40 and I love wearing stockings, pantihose and high-heels especially the gothic style. From time to time I'm working as a stocking- / pantihose model.

On this page I can live out my passion - crushing our slave's cock and balls until they're almost flat. Standing on his cock and balls with my full weight turns me on like I never thought before. I love hearing him groaning with excitement and pain and to make him cum - when I want.

I always knew that I have a dominant tendency. I just didn't know exactly in which way and intensity and didn't find out myself. One day I talked to my friend Stella about sex and she entrusted me her secret about this page. She told me how much fun it is torturing her slave under her feet - crushing his cock and balls merciless under sexy shoes, barefoot or in stockings. Never before I heard about CBT. Curiously and a bit amused I listened to her description. Stella noticed how much I'm interested in that subject and finally she offered to allocate her slave to me.

Thinking about my first experience still gives me goosebumps of excitement. Rob didn't know anything about our plan. Stella had prepared me very well for my first session she told me how far I can go but we were not quite sure because I'm 25 lbs heavier than Stella - anyway it's not my crotch... "Do with him what you like" she said, and that was exactly what I had in mind.

Stella arranged a meeting with Rob and they prepared the session. Ok, it was a different room and Rob had to place a pool-bar on top of the cock box but nothing else made him askant. As he was in his position, Stella left the room - but it was me who came back. There he was, helplessly under the board with his cock and balls waiting to be crushed on my little stage under my feet and shoes. It made me hot seeing him so vulnerable being at my mercy. I could do with his genitals whatever I wanted - and I knew what I wanted: Making him suffer under my full weight, making him groan and begging for mercy, torturing him with my high-heels until I allow him to cum...

From now on I will use that worm whenever I'm in the mood to crush his cock and balls.

flattened cock Rob

I'm Rob. I've always loved the imagination of pretty women trampling on me and especially on my cock and balls. For a long time I didn't dare telling anybody about this passion. Even when I had a girlfriend I kept it for me. But I always thought about sexy girls stomping my cock barefoot, in high-heels, boots or sneakers until I cum under their full weight.

Some years ago I met Stella in a bar. She looked breathtaking. Long dark hair, a pretty face that makes you dream of and a breathtaking body. She was wearing a short black dress that reached just to the end of her butt and let you see her perfect legs. She was sitting on a barchair, wearing sandals with very high heels and I saw her wonderful feet.

I stood right next to her and couldn't take my eyes off her legs, feet and high-heels. She must have noticed that I watched her shoes too long and she said: "Take care that I wont walk over you in them!" What a sentence for somebody who's deepest wish is exactly that. I bought her a drink and after talking a little bit I said to her. "Would you do that?" "What?" "Well, walking over me in them." She started laughing but she seemed to be curious. "I wouldn't care but I would hurt you very much with these heels." The imagination of her heels boring deep into my cock let it get rock-hard and she must have seen that as well. Suddenly she got such a dominant expression in her eyes. "Give me your number, and when I have a bad day, I will call you." I gave it to her, she took it and without saying a word, she left the bar.

Some weeks later she called me and it was the beginning of many exciting CBT sessions. Finally whe wanted to share our experiences and our page was born.

I love women trampling on my cock and balls with their full weight. It is painful and sometimes very much. Sometimes they make me bleeding and sometimes I have big bruises on my cock for a week or longer. But it's an incredible intensive feeling and the imagination itself having my crotch crushed under the full weight of a girl in sexy outfit while I'm cuming is the biggest thing in the world for me.

Our Videos

We do what we really like to do. We enjoy our sessions very much. Stella and Alina love wearing high heels every day. Rob is a true cock trampling fetishist who loves nothing more than putting his cock under female feet.

We use photo-studio-equipment and have a lot of experience in good illumination and video cut. We use excellent software to cut our videos and we always aim to become even better.

We offer our videos in different resolutions. For those customers with highspeed internet we have videos in HD 1920x1080 (around 6.000-9.000 kBit/s), HD 1280x720 (around 3.000-5.000 kBit/s) or good 720x576 / 640x480 (around 1.500 kBit/s). For those customers without highspeed internet we offer the same videos in lower resolution and lower bitrate.

Some comments from customers about our viedos

"...you made the best trampling in the world and your model has beautiful legs everything just perfect..."

"... As you've noted, the cameras you are now using are top notch. You and Rob are getting to be master cinematographer's. You move around like a ballerina giving just the right amount of pressure to Rob's cock and balls. Some of your moves such as putting all your weight towards the front of one stiletto and digging into Rob's scrotum are so very hot Stella. I look forward to each and every clip..."

"I'm a big fan of your site, saw some videos on footfetishtube.com and I was totally hooked..."

"first i would like to say how impressed i am with your works! i love them! especially how you have close and normal views! i own every clip with you in heels that are 3" or higher..."

"Just bought the cbt in pink heels clip and loved it!!..."

"First of all I would like to say how great I think your clips are..."

"I just want to write this mail to congratulate you for your videos. They are incredible sexy and I ask myself all the time, how the guy can take the "treatment" that long without submitting twice or three times. Absolutely great work. "